William Barry Books

Enjoy some of our summer donations from Oswegonian William Barry. He has written two dozen short stories, 20 of which are featured in two published compilation books, titled 'American Stories for the Grandchildren' and 'A Dozen Amiable Anecdotal Apologues, or Whatever - They're just 12 great stories.' He also has published three very powerful novels - 'Boston's Own BIG JOE FLYNN' - 'From Caracas to the Corps' and 'Through the Golden Portal' and is working on 'The Last Fight at Carpenter's Hall.' 'American Stories for the Grandchildren' is with the new books upstairs in the Children's Room. The rest are in the new fiction section of the Main Reading Room.
William Barry presenting his donation to Janet Hutcheson
Receiving From Caracas to the Corps and Boston's Own Big Joe Flynn from Mr. Barry is Janet Hutcheson of Friends of the Library.

Library Learning Center - October 2019 Calendar

Hello everyone! Here is the calendar for next month's workshops and open lab times here at the library. We will be doing some open lab times in the evenings from now on on Wednesdays, and also there will be gaming open labs with our HP Omen Gaming Laptop every other Friday as well that anyone (kids, teens and adults alike) are welcome to use!


Library Learning Center - September 2019 Calendar

Here is the calendar of workshops that will be available in September downstairs in our Library Learning Center! If you would like to sign up for any of these, please make sure you do so at least a day in advance! (There is no need to sign up for the Open Lab times, but if you have something you need one-on-one help with please call ahead and make an appointment so we can allot time to focus on your needs!)

No Stress Chess

No Stress Chess product

Learn about a new way to play chess and then try the card driven No Stress Chess.  Cards guide you as they choose what piece you move and also help you learn how to play including basic strategies.

Girl Scout Sarah Westcott will lead this program Friday, August 30 at 3 pm.  There will be a repeat of the program on Tuesday, September 10 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm.


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