Library Learning Center - May 2018 Calendar

Here is the calendar for May 2018 down in our Library Learning Center/Computer Lab. Next month we will begin holding workshops for our new 3D Printer, so please make sure you sign up for them! More workshops in this will be available over the summer as well. Come by and check out how they work, the kind of software we use to interface with it, and much more!


Next Language Xchange is Thursday April 19

Take an hour to learn something new and to share your knowledge.  Gather in the Community Room at 6 PM the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month to share your language knowledge; yes, English is a language!  You will also learn from others sharing different languages.

Relaxed.  Conversational.  Comfy.

If you want to study up on a language before any Language Xchange night, Open Culture has a collection of free lessons in 48 different languages!


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