Eclipse Viewing

Oswego will view a 2/3 eclipse of the sun, if it's clear, between 2 and 3 PM on Monday, August 21.  Oswego County Today reports:

"Start of partial eclipse: 1:17 p.m. (EDT). Look due south, about 60° above the horizon. Disk of the moon makes contact with disk of sun.

Maximum partial eclipse: 2:37 p.m. (EDT). Look 35º to the west of due south, about 55° above the horizon. 67% of the sun’s disk will be covered."

Do not look directly at the sun or at its reflection in a mirror.  We recommend making a pinhole in a sheet of paper and using the sheet to project an image of the sun onto a piece of paper or cardstock on the ground. 

DIY: Simple Card Projector

The simplest and quickest way to safely project the Sun is with a projector made from only 2 pieces of card or paper.

What to Do:

  1. To make a quick version of the pinhole projector, take a sheet of paper and make a tiny hole in the middle of it using a pin or a thumbtack. Make sure that the hole is round and smooth.
  2. With your back towards the Sun, hold 1 piece of paper above your shoulder allowing the Sun to shine on the paper.
  3. The 2nd sheet of paper will act as a screen. Hold it at a distance, and you will see an inverted image of the Sun projected on the paper screen through the pinhole.
  4. To make the image of the Sun larger, hold the screen paper further away from the paper with the pinhole.

Reptiles and More to Celebrate 160!

Marilyn Dirk and David MacLean in 1857 costume

Thank you Marilyn and David for dressing in 1857 clothes and greeting everyone

Danny Oostdyk of G&G Animals introducing everyone to his boa

Danny Oostdyk sharing reptiles with (l. to r.) Mya Picarello, Toni Ventriello, Nathan Hibbert, Brandie Picarello (back), and Joan Quinn

Library Board members, Friends of the Library, volunteers, and a great crowd from the community gathered Wednesday evening to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the Oswego Public Library opening.


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