Iceland Photographs on Display in our Gallery

Janice Chipman invites you to view her photography in the lowest level of the library (L2 in the elevator).  She says, "a photograph can catch the essence of a moment, without interfering with that moment.  We can immediately recall the salute of a three-year-old John Kennedy or the earth from space or the closeup of a snowflake - none of which will ever occur again in exactly the same way.  This is what captured my interest in photography;  that timeless documentation that can’t be undone - or even perfectly replicated.

I started taking pictures when I was young, and especially enjoyed taking my little Instamatic Camera out into the Kentucky countryside while in college.  That was many years ago, but I never lost interest in photography.  Then, about four years ago, I started over - with digital equipment.  I found it more exciting than film photography because the feedback was immediate and the mistakes were free!

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a few short photography tours and a class at Cayuga Community College, where I won The President’s Award in the 2012 art show.  Since then, I have been able to travel a little and practice different techniques - in the mountains, on the coast, in the desert, and around Central New York.

photograph from Iceland

I hope you enjoy this Icelandic display and that YOU will begin planning or continue to plan your own photographic journeys!"

TDP Book Club Meets Thursday at 6

The TDP Book Club, in memory of Terry Pratchett, will begin from 6-7 PM Thursday, May 19.  We will select our next book at this initial meeting.  Everyone is welcome, even those who've never read The Evolution Man by Roy Lewis.

Terry Pratchet laughing, with starlings sitting on his hat

Terry, as a teen, was a science fiction fan and purchased his copy simply because SF was on the cover.  “After twenty-eight years that original copy has been loaned to friends so often that the print has nearly been worn off the pages by eyeball pressure,” said Terry.  In his introduction to the 1989 reprint, Terry Pratchett lauded The Evolution Man as “one of the funniest books of the last 500,000 years.”  Primitive man has “learned to walk upright and now they’re ready for the big stuff—fire, cookery, music, arts, and the remarkable discovery that you shouldn’t mate with your sister.”  A full review can be found online at


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