Library Learning Center

The Library Learning Center at the Oswego Public Library is a FREE service available to anyone living or working in the Oswego County community.  The Library Learning Center hosts a variety of computer and career skills classes (explore this website for more information) and open computer lab hours for individuals and small groups seeking free computer and career skills help.  Our lab provides 9 computers for public use and an instructor to assist you with filling out forms online, creating resumes & cover letters, finding good information online, and creating & accessing online accounts.
Originally funded by the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, now the Library Learning Center is available to you through your tax dollars.  Be sure to utilize it :)


During this time of Social Distancing, here are some online technology links and videos that you can use for personal learning and research!


From March 26th through September 30, 2020, Skillup for Oswego County is free for all residents of the area to use!

From their website: 

"New York Wired for Education is a workforce development company that provides online training solutions focused on career training and exploration. Founded in 1991, New York Wired was established to provide state and not-for-profits agencies with innovative and affordable training programs. Since 2008, Metrix Learning, New York Wired for Education's web-based Learning Management System (LMS), has been used to meet the training needs of Workforce Investment Boards, libraries, businesses and colleges throughout the country. Featuring learning content from the world's leading training providers, Metrix Learning offers comprehensive and impactful job skills training, certification preparation and assessment testing."

You can access the website via this link to research more job opportunities and also get your name and resume listed for potential employers:


Want to learn more about your ancestry and local roots during this time?

Fulton History is a localized genealogy website that has documents and records from many families in this area that you can access online for free:
Family Search is another free genealogy website that can be accessed and covers a much larger berth of ancestral documents for your research:
Additional Genealogy websites can also be found in our section on Genealogy:


Want to learn some more about using computers while we're closed?

Here are some videos available that will teach you some of the basics of different applications and computer usage!
Microsoft Excel (Intermediate):
Some Tips on Cleaning Up and Defragmenting Computers running Windows 10:
Some Information on Anti-Virus Programs you can use to keep your computer safe:
An Overview of Common Computer Scams to be on the lookout for!
If you're looking for something a bit more challenging, here is an online guide to using Java:
And here is a near-8 hour crash course on how to use the Linux Operating System!:
To learn more about 3D Printing as well, this video gives a wonderful overview of how it works:

Have a student (or two) at home right now from school that need some extra resources?

For Biology Review and Concepts, the Amoeba Sisters are a wonderful resource!

For general learning and help with Math, Science and Other Concepts, Khan Academy is a wonderful resource on YouTube as well:

A Helpful Guide to Planning, Outlining and Writing a Standard Five-Paragraph Essay:

An Extensive Guide on Learning and Reviewing the Spanish Language:

A Playlist as well of various lessons in French:

For Art and Music Lessons, many instrumental and artistic technique lessons can also be found online for free via YouTube!

If your students at home are in need of a scientific or graphing calculator, then you can visit order to use both for free online.

For something on the more fun side for younger students, is a wonderful website with fun and educational games!