This month's Photo

Please help us name the people in this 1946 photo of the St. Pauls Young Womens Club's Sunflower Minstrels show.  They performed the show November 24, 26, & 27 that year.

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The honor roll for the school at this time was:

Many Outstanding Averages Attained At Academy During October

Ninth Grade Grace Ann Ziel, 97; Barbara Weil, 92. A Class—James Farrell.

Eighth Grade—Joan Esseltine, 96; Jean Galvin, 95; John Hennessy; 93. LeMoyne O'Hara, 92. A Class—Teresa Lockwood, Sally Scanlon.

Seventh Grade—Nancy Covell, Michael Plunkett, Robert Tiefke. A Class—Betty Dunn.

Sixth Grade—David LaTulip, 95; Edward Gallagher, 94; Constance Galloway, 94; Shirley Helliman, 94; Diane Tiefke, 94; Donald Farrell, 93; Edward Patane, 93; Beatrice Manwarring, 93; Mary Quimby, 93; Collette Looney, 92; Sally Schaffer, 92; James Walsh, 92. A Class—Ann Bailey, Jean Delahunt, Sally Elder, Carol Familo, Joseph Fitzgibbons, Jerome Galvin, Marlene Kray, Marion Marsden, William O'Hara, Patricia Potter, Joseph Stone, Nancy Wallace, Sheila Waters.

Fifth Grade—George Patridge, 98; Charles Nettles, 97; Chrystal Murray, 96; Leroy Kelly, 95; Leroy Kelly, 95; Roberta Lill, 95; Jean O'Hara, 95; Nancy Combs, 94; Thomas Muldoon, 94; Gloria Thomas, 92. A Class—John Gardner, Robert Bourlier, Donald Kunzwiler, William Florence, Fred Thompson, Shirley Collins, Joan Hansel, Mary Ann McGrath, Patricia O'Neil, Jane Potter, Paula Waters.

Fourth Grade—Margaret Miller, 99; William Stanley, 98; Virginia Vaughan, 98; Ann Thompson, 98; Mary Jane Carson, 97; Carolyn Elkin, 97; Frederick Tiefke, 97; Shirley Patterson, 96; Daniel Chetney, 94; Jeanne Hillman, 93; Kathleen Longhway, 93; David Roach, 93. A Class—Ernest Fatta, Joseph Bailey, Robert Murn, John Schaffer.

Third Grade—Suzanne Alfred, 99; Mary Ann Jeram, 99; Carol Kunzwiler, 99; Carol O'Mara, 98; Thomas Lanigan, 98; Matthew Donahue, 96; Frances Russo, 94; Mary Barry, 93; Susan Schaffer, 93; Martin Duda, 93; Gilbert Nettles, 92; George VonEsch, 92. A Class—Helen Adams, Patricia Walpole, Donald Kelly.

Second Grade—Sandora Dyker, Patricia Familo, Charlotte Florence, Barbara Collins, Joan Croonan, Mary McCarthy, Carole Dewey, Patricia Mullen, Peggy Sue West, Edna Patane, Erwin Dewey, Daniel Merritt, Robert Hillman, James Lanigan, Joseph Knoop, Charles Ahern, Walter Batchelor, James Anderson, Thomas Cliff, William Santora, Robert Odin. A Class—Mary Ellen LeRoy, Terrence Shortt, Donald Kells, Neal Merrit.