Ghost Society Report

Three dogs wearing ghost costumes

On September 24th, 2010 The Ghost Society [Offices located in Pulaski, New York and Watertown, New York] reported to Oswego Public Library that began with a tour of the location along with finding out the claims that were reported. It was noted the OPL underwent a massive renovation and that all that was left of the original structure was mostly the shell and foundation. The team consisted of five investigators, Jeremy Ryder, Matt and Justin Worthington, Cathy Kaine, and Wendi Czirr. Setup of the equipment began at closing of public hours and the case began at 6pm and went to 12:30am.We split into two teams with Matt and Justin taking the front of the building facing the courthouse and upper floors. Jeremy, Cathy Wendi and Charlie took the back and lower floors. Some of the equipment used were a DVR system employing 4 IR cameras, a MEL meter (which measure ambient temperature and EMF fields), Handheld IR thermometers for surface temperature readings. Digital audio recorders, digital cameras, HD handheld video camera, and other such devices. <more>

Jeremy’s team started in the staff area and employed the use of an ovilus, this is a device that contains a word database, the theory behind its use is an entity can manipulate the energy field to select words. The team started an EVP session asking question in the hopes of eliciting a response to be caught either on the digital audio or through the ovilus. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena these are voices caught on recording but not heard at the time, and are only heard upon playing back the recording. They did get some interesting interaction with the ovilus, but being an experimental device we can not say conclusively that this is paranormal in nature. They also did capture some EVP’s which are included in the CD we have provided.

During this time Matt and Justin were experiencing what we call mimic behavior coming through their walkie talkies. They thought Jeremy was radioing them when in fact he was not, this did happen in another instance later on in the evening to the other team when it sounded like Wendi and she was with the team. At one point Jeremy, Matt and Justin were investigating the Shut In program room when Jeremy thought he saw either a small girl or manikin, when he asked Matt to confirm this all that was seen is piles of books. Following up on this they conducted an experiment using a mag lite, asking the entity present to turn on and off the light, this light has to be twisted on or off to correspond. Please refer to the video on the CD. It did this for them and on the separate occasion when all were present.

Conclusions: We were able to rule out some claims to that being of the old structure as well as a few high EMF fields located around the equipment/machine areas. We also did find evidence of an “Intelligent” paranormal response, indicated by direct responses to question in our EVP sessions as well as object manipulation via the mag lite. At no time did the team feel threatened nor was their evidence of anything negative in nature or response. Please note that we would be glad to do follow ups as well as advise at any time any of the staff or administration.

Respectively Submitted by,

Jeremy Ryder

Chairman/CEO- The Ghost Society