Tax Forms available at the Library

Hello everyone! We wanted to make a post letting everyone know that we have received all the forms that New York State will be sending us for tax season. The follow forms are available here in limited quantities for people to take if needed: 1040 and 1040-SR Forms and Instructions; IT-195 (Allocation of Refund); IT-196 (NY Resident, Non-Resident and Part-Year Resident Itemized Deductions); IT-196-1 Instructions; IT-201 (NYS Residents Income Tax Return); IT-201-1 Instructions; IT-201-ATT Other Tax Credits and Taxes; IT-201-V (Voucher and instructions for income tax return); IT-213 (Claim for Empire State child care); IT-213-1 Instructions; IT-214 (Claim for real property tax credit); IT-214-1 Instructions; IT-215 (Claim for earned income credit); IT-215-1 Instructions; IT-216 (Claim for child and dependent care); IT 216-1 Instructions; IT-225 (NYS Modifications); IT-255-1 Instructions; IT-227 (NYS Voluntary Contributions); IT-272 (Claim for college tuition credit or itemized deductions); IT-272 Instructions; IT-1099R (Summary of federal form 1099-R statements).