Camouflage Story Hour - Monday, January 25th, 2021

Our Story Hour for this week is on Camouflage! Ms. Monica will be reading us all sorts of stories on how animals use camouflage to hide themselves for safety, and Miss Brooke will be showing us the craft that we have available this week to go with it!

If you would like to reserve crafts this week, you can give us a call at 315-341-5867 between 10am and 5:15pm each day. The craft(s) that you would like will be set aside with your name on it then. Once you arrive here at the library to pick them up, give us one more quick call to let us know you're here, and a staff member will place your craft(s) on the table out front for you to retrieve once they return inside.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone who has participated in our reading program during the pandemic! Thank you for giving us your patronage in the capacity we can provide during these trying times.

Camouflage Story Hour: