Reptiles and More to Celebrate 160!

Marilyn Dirk and David MacLean in 1857 costume

Thank you Marilyn and David for dressing in 1857 clothes and greeting everyone

Danny Oostdyk of G&G Animals introducing everyone to his boa

Danny Oostdyk sharing reptiles with (l. to r.) Mya Picarello, Toni Ventriello, Nathan Hibbert, Brandie Picarello (back), and Joan Quinn

Library Board members, Friends of the Library, volunteers, and a great crowd from the community gathered Wednesday evening to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the Oswego Public Library opening.

Special Guests at the Celebration

Director Carol Ferlito kneeling and (l. to r.) Camden Bushen from Senator Ritchie's office, Trustee Kathy Mantaro, Marilyn Dirk in 1857 costume, Librarian Edward Elsner, Jennifer Cook from Assemblyman Barclay's office, and Trustee George DeMass.  Artwork behind is by Tim Ames and available for viewing in our Art Gallery on the lowest level of the library (L2 in the elevator).

60+ pounds of tortoise

Spotted turtle blowing away the competition in the race

Spotted turtle won the race leaving his larger relatives in the dust

touch time with the bearded dragon

Touch time at the end of G&G's presentation

Danny smiles as a father and daughter touch the bearded dragon