Internet Kits Now Available

UPDATE: mobile hotspots in the Internet Kits are limited to 25 GB of data :(

Our newest offering next to our oldest piece, a 1745 memorial stone from old Fort Oswego.

1745 Memorial Stone and a new Internet Kit

Check out an entire solution to using the internet in the comfort of your home. It contains a Verizon WiFi hotspot, a Chromebook, and a laminated policy, all within a backpack. Yours for 21 days to find information, connect with friends, search for jobs, shop, and have fun!

the Chromebookthe WiFi Hot Spot

The North Country Library System received a grant from Spectrum to fund this project. The NCLS Internet Kit Policy is online.

Verizon's coverage area can be checked online if you are going to be on the road.

You may also learn more about the Chromebook.