Special Board Meeting - December 12th, 2019

Please be advised that we have a special Board Meeting tomorrow here at the library on Thursday, December 12th, 2019. It will be held at 6:30pm in the Conference Room.

Also, the Library will be closed this Sunday, December 15, 2019, due to staffing issues.

Enjoy the Art of Cindy Lewis

Artist Statement: I paint in a diverse range of styles, subjects and mediums. I am drawn to color, mood and unusual light conditions. When painting abstract, I start my painting with colors and no preconceived idea on the end result, being conscious of color, value, temperature, shapes and composition. I continually add, subtract and trust my intuition. The painting seems to take a life of its own. I've participated in numerous group shows, juried shows, solo shows and won several awards including 2 best of shows.

Fishing Mates bears in river painting

Cindy Lewis' artwork, which is also on sale, is displayed in our Lower Level art gallery for December and January.

Library Learning Center - November and December Calendars!

Here are our workshops and lab times that we will have available in the months of November and December downstairs in the Library Learning Center! If you are interested in any of the workshops or the lab appointment times for one-on-one help, please sign up at the main desk!




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