Fort Ontario Artillery Tunnels Video

Here is our final video that's centered around the Fort for this week as a part of the Summer Reading Program! This video will show some of the artillery tunnels within the Fort where soldiers would be positioned during conflicts. We hope you enjoyed these videos, we still have a few more from around the city we will be presenting in the next couple weeks!

Requesting Children's and Young Adult Books for Overdrive

The North Country Library System now has a form available online if you would like to put in a request for children's and young adults' books for Overdrive, our digital lending service. If you would like to fill out a form to see if they can obtain a title or work that you've been looking for, you can fill out the following form and submit it to them:

North Country Library System Outreach Services

Hello everyone!

We wanted to inform everyone that there is an Outreach Service that is offered via the North Country Library System that is available for people meeting qualifications to have books and materials mailed to them.

In order to receive this service, you must:

1) Be 62 or older.
2) Have a physical handicap
3) Be visually impaired
4) Be hearing impaired


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