Video Archives Released Online

AP video highlights

Amazing advances have been made in the past year digitizing material around the world.  The Associated Press has 1.7 million video stories dating back to 1895 on YouTube.  British Movietone has also placed their archive of 1895 to 1986 newsreels on YouTube.  Enjoy these videos and the huge digital content at and

The Oswego Public Library has a collection of digitized material at too

5 Years with Betterworld Books

As one of the many libraries and organizations partnered with Better World Books, we do our small part to help.

"Due to the thousands of partnerships we have with clients such as yourself, collectively we have been able to raise $21 million dollars to support libraries, literacy and education, donate over 17 million books and through reuse or recycling keep 198 million books from becoming landfill," said a recent Better World Books announcement.


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