Digital Public Library of America

Here is one of the resources that can be found via Novel NY's facebook page: The Digital Public Library of America! This is an online library that consists of different literary works (both fiction and non-fiction), images, videos, and other different kinds of media that are a part of the Public Domain. This means that these materials are available for download and usage in your home at absolutely no cost, and no library card is needed! If you would like to see more, you can visit the website here:

Fill our Your Census Form Today

Have you filled out your census? If you haven’t it’s so easy. Go to It only takes 5 minutes and you really matter!
48% of Oswego County has responded. Lets keep up the good work. Your response impacts federal funding for institutions including libraries.

Director Ferlito wearing her I Count at the Library shirt

Carol Ferlito, Director
Oswego Public Library

An important note to everyone regarding the Census: If you have a PO Box, you will not be able to receive the postcards. If you still need to fill out your Census information, you will have to do so by visiting and filling out the form presented on there.

Empire Pass now Available Free from the Library

Now available at the desk for 3 or more days (up to a week): Empire Pass allowing an entire vehicle into most facilities operated by New York State Parks and the State Dept. of Environmental Conservation including forests, beaches, trails and more. Ask at the desk.

Empire Pass, rules for borrowing, and brochure on where it can be used


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