Marionette Magic Theater Presentation

Here is our last video presentation as a part of our Summer Reading Program! We have a lovely show that was performed by the Marionette Magic Theater here in Oswego! We hope that you enjoy their performance!

Also, just another quick reminder our finale is still going on! If you need a sheet for our community-wide scavenger hunt, give us a call between 10am and 2pm today and we'll bring some sheets down that you can pick up at your convenience!

Regi Carpenter - Where there's Smoke

Our final video for the Summer Reading Program from Regi Carpenter is geared towards adults this time! This video presentation is entitled "Where There's Smoke" with some fun slice of life stories.

The video URL is here:

The password to get into the video once more is: regi8833

We hope that you all enjoy!

Regi Carpenter - Stories that Sneak in the Dark

Today, we have another special story time video presentation from Regi Carpenter! This video is entitled "Stories that Sneak in the Dark" and is geared towards slightly older kids that involve spooky but also humorous scary stories.

The video can be found here:

Please use the password regi8833 in order to access the video!

"Tell Your Own Story" Story Hour and Crafts

Our final story hour for the Summer Reading Program this week is "Tell your own story!" Ms. Karen will read a couple more stories, and this week our crafts are a unicorn puppet (already assembled so they can be played with right away!) and a Tell Your Own Story game kit! This kit has laminated pictures of lots of different characters and objects so that families and kids can randomly draw out ideas and craft a story from them!

If you are interested in picking these up, please give us a call between 10am and 2pm Monday through Friday. We will set aside the crafts that you request, then once you arrive to the library, call us once more and we will run them out to the table for you to pick up! Thank you so very much too to everyone who has participated in the summer program!


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